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Canzone del mese: Titus Andronicus – No future part III: Escape from no future

In Pillole on marzo 24, 2010 at 9:13 am

Il disco “The Monitor” dei Titus Andronicus è sicuramente una delle gioie che questo inizio 2010 ci ha consegnato. In particolare mi è rimasta nel cuore una canzone con un titolo fantastico: “No future part III: Escape from no future”. Questo pezzo sembra essere suonato dagli Okkervil river che, dopo una vita da sfigati, finalmente alzano la testa, lasciano da parte le insicurezze e il loro tipico piagnisteo per iniziare a mandare qualche vaffanculo come si deve. “No future part III: Escape from no future” ovvero come imbottire di cocaina a Conor Orbest dei Bright Eyes e vedere cosa succede.  E’ davvero trascinante come ascoltando questo pezzo ci si ritrovi a saltare per la stanza e gridare: “You will always be a loser”.

Momento migliore: Ovviamente 3.55 scoprite da soli perchè

Everything makes me nervous and nothing feels good for no reason
Waking up, it’s rarely worth it – the same dark dread every morning
Senior year here in Mahwah, a new world just around the corner
Leave me behind, let me stagnate, in a fortress of solitude
Smoking’s been okay so far, but I need something that works faster
So all I want for Christmas is no feelings, no feelings now and never again
There is a faceplate all brown and red that stretches across my mouth
It’s worn for protection, nobody gets in and nobody gets out
I used to look myself in the mirror at the end of every day
But I took the one thing that made me beautiful and threw it away
I was a river, I was a tall tree, I was a volcano
But now I’m asleep on top of a mountain, I’ve been covered in snow
Yes, I have surrendered what made me human and all that I thought was true
So now there’s a robot that lives in my brain and he tells me what to do
And I can do nothing without his permission or (which) wasn’t part of the plan
So now in Rock Ridge pharmacy I will be waiting for my man
But there is another down in a dungeon who never gave up the fight
And he’ll be forever screaming, sometimes I hear him say, on a quiet night, he says
“You will always be a loser, man. You’ll always be a loser now, and that’s okay.”



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